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December 16, 2017

Glenn Rosen

“Beating the Glitch in a Digital Switch”

Read about Glenn Rosen and Glenco Electrical Services in the Australian Financial Review. The article talks about Glenco being one of the first electrical companies in the industry to switch to an electronic remote job tracking system.

Whilst Glenco have now moved on from the systems and processes mentioned in this article, it illustrates how the media took notice of our initiative and forward-thinking in the electrical industry and in business in general. Since implementing this technology Glenco has grown leaps and bounds, allowing us to be more efficient, and pass these savings on to you, our customer.

Glenn Rosen



"Glenn Rosen - Glenco Electrical Services CEO"

See Glenn Rosen's TV appearance as he discusses the growth of Glenco Electrical Services with Peter Switzer on Sky Business channel.

Glenn Rosen on Switzer