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December 16, 2017


Turning a house into a home involves a lot of different factors. Aside from a warm ambience, personalised furnishings and making memories with loved ones; having a sense of security is an important facet of creating that homely feeling. 

A sense of security transforms a house into more than just a structure and can offer you and your loved ones refuge and a place to find comfort. One way of achieving this security is by maintaining electrical safety throughout your home.

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Energy saving bulbs have been around for some time now. As the name suggests, these bulbs are more effective as compared to an ordinary bulb in terms of power consumption. Most of us are currently using these bulbs in order to save on electricity consumption, and ultimately electricity bills.

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“What if we didn’t have electricity? Would we be watching TV by candlelight?”

However funny, this statement not only emphasises just how important electricity is to our everyday lives, but also highlights the numerous parts of our day that are completely reliant on our use of harnessed electricity.  How would you be reading this now? How would virtually anything we use most of our day function? How would we get anything done?!

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Welcome to Glenco Electrical Service’s brand new website! This site has been months in the making, and we are delighted to now be able to share it with you. In this technological age, Glenco has always prided itself on being leaders in the industry in regards to the service we provide, and the technology we utilise.

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