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December 16, 2017


There is nothing more tragic than having an electrical emergency aggravated because the people who were there didn’t know what to do or did things they weren’t supposed to.

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An entertainment system complete with a huge plasma TV, surround sound, and comfortable seating – this is the dream that a lot of families want to have in their homes.

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In Australia, electrical appliances, equipment and installation accounted for 75% of electrical deaths tabulated in the year 2009-2010, with the second highest number of incidents happening in the state of NSW, home of the beautiful and populated cities of Bondi and Sydney.

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Every holiday season, Sydney comes alive with vibrant Christmas lights displayed all over the city. From the big Christmas tree wrapped in LED lights at the city’s centre, to the brightly illuminated homes lining the streets, these spectacular, awe-inspiring light displays can be seen everywhere during the festive season.

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We see power cords everywhere: at home, at the office, and even outdoors. Wherever you are in the world, whether in London, Sydney or Singapore, the sight of wires running everywhere is something we’ve all gotten used to. As they are needed to connect appliances, equipment, gadgets and any electric-powered device to a mains electrical supply, these are essential components that we need to live with every day.

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As seen recently on Channel 9's "60 minutes":

Electrical contractors Sydney are able to make the switch to photoelectric smoke alarms for you.

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Fire hazards exist everywhere. And if you think they only exist in areas with blatant threats, then think again. They can be hidden from your sight or from your knowledge. And they can start a fire anywhere and anytime, even inside your home.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. As a conscientious property owner, it’s your responsibility (with the help of an expert) to ensure your home is safe from these dangers.

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Need help with faulty wiring? Maybe you need a power point fixed, or just want a thorough inspection of your property to make sure your electrical system is in working order? Before hiring the first local electrician you come across, it is important to make sure you will be working with someone who has the expertise to fix your problem.

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Are you looking for the right electrician? Picking one isn’t as simple as flipping open a directory, running your fingers on the page or screen and choosing the one with the nicest name.

In fact, doing that could get you into heaps of trouble. You’ll not only end up working with someone you have no clue about, you could also be putting your safety at risk—especially if they end up being uncertified and too inexperienced to handle the job.

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How do you charge your phone?

Recently, and very sadly Gosford mother-of-two Sheryl Aldeguer lost her life after using a faulty phone charger she had bought from an electronic appliance store in Sydney.

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