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December 16, 2017


Fire prevention is one of those things many of us neglect until it’s too late. Despite the urging of fire authorities to maintain smoke detectors and fire fighting equipment in the home, it can take the advice of a fire prevention specialist to point out the hidden dangers. Here are five ways that may prevent your home from becoming another fire statistic.

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Strata title management is a complex area because it maintains living environments that include private and common property areas. There are 270,000 strata title schemes in Australia, made up of more than two million individual lots.

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As electrical contractors in Sydney, we’re pleased to see that plenty of our customers are making the switch to LED light bulbs. Why? Because the shift to LEDs is influenced by two main factors: energy conservation and cost awareness.

LED bulbs are more efficient

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60% of this year's house fires will occur between now and September. Most of these fires can be prevented by some simple measures.

May 1st was 10 years since smoke alarms became mandatory in all homes in NSW. Most smoke alarms don't last 10 years...

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People often turn to portable heaters because they think they are a cost effective choice. As electrical contractors in Sydney, we understand people’s desire to save on their heating bills, but portable heaters aren’t without their dangers, and they are not all that cheap to run either.

If you’re considering using portable heaters as a source of heating this coming winter, here are a few things to bear in mind.

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Sometimes it can seem like the list of maintenance duties for a homeowner is never-ending. There’s taking care of the garden, ensuring that your gutters are clean (especially during fire season), keeping up your fencing, and much more.

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Glenco Electrical Services is extremely proud to announce that we have recently been named the 2016 WINNER of the Australian Small Business Champion Awards Trade Services category.


Glenn Rosen recently attended the awards evening and accepted the award on behalf of himself, Brad, and the entire Glenco team.


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From heating and cooling to the growth of digital devices and technology, today’s homes are more reliant than ever on electricity. It’s such a part of everyday life that most of us probably don’t give a thought to the fact that it can be deadly – especially in homes with small children. Here are a few tips to help keep kids – and parents – safe.

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There are few things as frustrating and disorienting as an unexpected power cut - which always seems to happen right before the climax in a TV show! But they are an inevitable part of modern life, especially in highly populated areas such as Sydney during summer. That which cannot be cured must be endured - so what are the best ways to deal with sudden power failures?

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When you add high-tech, modern gadgets and systems into a home that was built more than a few decades ago, you can run into difficulties with both the performance of your technology and the safety of your wiring under the new and unexpected load.

The way of the future

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