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December 16, 2017

About Us

Glenn Rosen founded Glenco Electrical Services in 1988. Prior to commencing work in the electrical industry, Glenn had a successful athletics career representing Australia, competing in the United States and Europe. In 1992 Glenn’s brother Brad joined Glenco Electrical. However not long after Brad came on board, he left to peruse his successful career in Professional Basketball, playing for and captaining the Sydney Kings in the National Basketball League. Brad returned as Glenn’s business partner in 1999. Glenn and Brad’s dedication, passion and competitiveness in sport has transferred into a successful career in the business world. They are highly regarded and well respected in the industry.

Inside Glenco

We know that dealing with trades can be daunting. Therefore we strive to make this as smooth and easy process as possible for our customers. As we are not your average trade business, you will not get the same average service you would from any other company. We have raised the bar in our industry and continue to lead in this manner.

Glenco Electrical began over 25 years ago as a vision – a vision to create the finest electrical contracting business in the industry. Our motivation stemmed from an aspiration and enthusiasm to create and shape a team based organisation that excels at every level of business whilst still offering an affordable service. The passion of this vision still drives us today.

At Glenco we don’t aim for average; we aim to shine as the best in every area of our organisation. We are not a static company. We are constantly reinventing and reviewing processes, procedures, and systems to ensure we keep up with our client’s goals and expectations. We find ourselves constantly learning in business and in life…..” You don't know what you don't know!”

We are also in the very fortunate position of having very long-term loyal customers whom have helped us to become a better service organisation. We not only train our electricians in the technical aspects of our industry, we also work on customer service, sales and marketing training, health and nutrition, financial literacy, and personal development for our team: we firmly believe it is the people in the business upon which that business’ success lies.

You could say we’re high tech and in touch. We use technology to maximise results while continuing to offer excellent customer service with an emphasis on electrical safety as well as efficiency.
When we started out as ‘one man in a van’ our main focus was electrical contracting. We now have a broader range of services to make it easier for you to do business and for your home’s electrical system to run safety and smoothly.

As well as our electrical contracting teams, we offer expert service in the areas of switchboard repairs; upgrades/replacements; lighting solutions for all types of installations (including energy efficiency solutions), rewiring of units, houses, common areas and all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings , emergency lighting (supply, installation, and maintenance); telephone cabling installations; data/fibre cabling; repairs to electric stoves, ovens and electric hot water systems; supply and  installation of new and reconditioned upright stoves; C-Bus home automation design, installations, repairs and programming; smoke detectors; appliance and equipment tagging and testing; AV installations; WH&S certifications, energy efficiency audits, CCTV and alarm installations, including back to base monitoring. As we continue to grow, we are consistently looking for new areas of the industry we can incorporate into our list of services for our clients.

Currently we cover the Sydney Metropolitan area so we would be able to service any properties for you in this region.

Our reputation is built on:

Trust – You can trust us to get the job done, in a way that works best for you.

Professionalism – We do not accept second rate service and ensure our team’s expertise, skills, and knowhow provide clients with the best outcomes.

Reliability – As well as being a 24 hour service, we also pride ourselves on communication internally within our organisation as well as with our customers.

Teamwork – We put an emphasis on communication, encouragement, and trust to consistently get the best out of our team.

Positive environment – We handle all situations with a positive attitude and in turn encourage a positive approach to work and life for the whole Glenco team.

As we continue to succeed while facing the challenges of day to day business we are continually up skilling our team, upgrading our technology, developing our people who are our greatest asset, and listening to our customers. We are fortunate to have the team we have, the client's we service and the suppliers and business partners who support us.

We are very fortunate to work side by side with our industry leading people whilst servicing your requirements.

Glenn & Brad Rosen